Tree Removal

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I am Brad Glaser, your local tree removal professional. I love trees. While money does grow on trees for me, I’d rather leave one standing than add to my bank account. But some trees need to go. Some are damaged by wind, time, or are killed by pests. These pose a serious risk to people and property. The spruce bark beetle infestation is killing countless trees a year. These dead trees are unsightly and pose a serious risk of damage or injury by falling or helping spread wildfires. Other trees are simply in the way – they block a view or obstruct a new building, garden site, or other project.

No matter the reason, you need a tree gone. It is critical that you hire an expert with the experience and care to ensure a safe and reliable removal. I have spent many years acquiring the skills needed to remove trees safely. My expertise in felling, wedging, and rigging techniques ensures that a tree falls exactly where it needs to. Sometimes a tree is very close to a structure or in a precarious position. I am capable of safely removing such trees while protecting your property.

Call me and let’s talk about your tree removal needs. I’ll be happy to provide a free estimate and work diligently to help you protect and improve your property.