Brad Glaser was born and raised in Minnesota. There, he spent much of his childhood up in the nearby oak trees surrounded by squirrels. At eight years old he began accompanying his father into the woods and learning about logging.

His first job was transplanting, pruning and thinning fruit trees in South Carolina. He went on to logging, clearing and surveying. Since then, he has built up broad experience, working in South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee, Wyoming, Minnesota and Alaska. He is most known for felling, wedging, and rigging techniques that ensure safe and reliable work even in the most challenging situations. He started his own tree services business in 2001 and moved to Alaska in 2004.

Brad is also a licensed general contractor with extensive connections to other professionals. As a result, he has the capability of taking on much larger and more complex tasks including dirt work and construction.

The trees are for us, and I am for trees. Although money does grow on trees for me, I’d rather spare a tree than use it to add to my bank account. But, I love it when a tree that I must remove gives place for something else to grow or be built. Every part of the tree is utilized. I use large logs for lumber, smaller logs for firewood, burls for plaques, chips for the soil, birch bark for projects. I strive to ensure that nothing goes to waste.

Licensed. Bonded. Insured.